We make it a priority to continually research wineries with soul that show promise of delivering quality and value to the market. Our Brand Managers taste through each wine, meticulously assessing flavor profile as well as their ability to bring something new and exciting to retailers and restaurateurs.


Integrity is at the core of our company and plays a role in every aspect of our business. We make it a priority to develop deep, ethical relationships on both sides of the equation: with our suppliers on one side and our clients on the other, we strive to create synergy between the winery and our buyers to foster relationships built on trust that go beyond the business level. Wine provides a gateway to human connection and it is with that spirit that we aim to develop personal relationships with our suppliers and clients that complement our business relationships.


It’s one thing to have amazing wine; it’s another to make sure that it gets where it needs to go on a consistent and reliable basis. That’s why Small Lot runs all of its own delivery trucks around Minnesota and the Midwest region. With trucks going out Monday through Friday, you can rest assured that you will receive your orders in a safe and timely manner.

Wine with Soul

Small Lot MN is dedicated to bringing Wine with Soul to curious consumers who are ready for suggestions on how to discern between National, branded wines and true wines of distinction that carry a story of the person and the place in the bottle. We do this by establishing lasting partnerships with retail and restaurant establishments that are aligned with our company vision that encompasses passion, integrity, and follow-through.

Small Lot MN meticulously curates, distributes, markets and provides in-depth education on wines that we believe have a unique story to tell. In our portfolio, you will find wineries that are run by real people who are experts in their region and who produce wines that speak the language of their terroir. Our specialty is representing wines that over-deliver on value; we hope you enjoy reading the stories within and have the opportunity to savor the unique wines for yourselves soon.

Passionate Team

Every one of our employees holds a genuine passion for wine and carries a dedication to the industry. Their belief in the company’s mission generates a true spirit of teamwork that fosters company growth. With varied backgrounds and different skill sets, they are able to deliver added value to their clients while offering innovative ideas to maintain relevance in the market. Most of all, they love what they do and enjoy going to work every day.