Jay Johnson


As many people have done, Jay's choice of an ideal career has changed over time. When he was five, he thought he would be an astronaut, but realized he was afraid of heights, so he scratched that idea. He then moved onto the idea of becoming a doctor until he was about twelve, but realized he wasn't into the idea of going to school that long, so once again, he moved on to greener pastures. From there until about the age of twenty, he thought he would go into the computer science field, when he realized that living his life in a cubicle would be some sort of cruel and unusual punishment. He finally found his passion in the food and beverage space while in college working at a bar to pay his bills. No cubicles, no heights, and no long academic career! This led to a time in the restaurant industry that ultimately led to his founding of Small Lot. Since founding Small Lot, he has enjoyed being a part of a dynamic, growing business and help leading a great group of individuals to form a fun team. In his "spare time", he enjoys scuba diving, traveling, cooking, biking, and reading. He is always up for a new adventure, whether personal or professional, and appreciates everything this ride called life has to offer.