Kristin Watts

Brand Manager

Montpellier, NYC, Shanghai, Minneapolis: These are all places that have played an integral role in the development of Kristin’s career in wine. From conversing with the local ‘cavistes’ in Montpellier, to selling wine at a boutique retail shop in Queens while studying for her WSET certification, to walking the streets of Shanghai introducing the Chinese clientele to Napa Valley wines, to waiting tables until a dream job at small wine distributor arrived at her fingertips in Minneapolis, each experience is testament to the way wine translates itself into every place and every stage of life. As an all-encompassing artistic blend of human connection and geography, wine continues to find a way to integrate itself into Kristin’s life and brings her to places – physical and emotional – she never thought possible. When she is not ‘on the streets’ selling wine, you can find her bike riding around Minneapolis’ Chain of Lakes decompressing, enjoying cheese and wine with her family, or planning her next trip to France. Kristin is thrilled to think of the wines yet to discover, bring to MN and share with curious minds.